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I converted this skirt down for little girls as I think it would look adorable with various tops. I plan on making those tops later on. Included also are new shoes that match in the same colors as the base game flats. There might be some issues here and there, but if are, they're minor. Either way, shoot me an ask on Tumblr if you find one. Happy Tuesday everyone! We are one day closer to the weekend! Before we jump into today's post, I have a confession to make. I have never blogged about my child's birthday parties. Like ever. I am aware that this may make me the absolute worst Pinterest mom in the history of motherhood and I can live with that. , the mixture will bebrought to “pre-ignite”. Knowing that, you will appreciate that detonation is to be avoided if at all possible. For example, its MIG and gas-shielded flux cored outputs provide maximum productivity in the shop. The Stick and self-shielded flux cored processes work better in windy and outdoor conditions, as well as on rusty or dirty metal, while the DC TIG process enables users to weld stainless, copper, nickel, bronze or brass alloys or on applications requiring precise control over heat input and weld bead placement. My initial reaction was skepticism. Changing the radio in a Ford is supposed to be as easy as buying the special tools, inserting them and removing the radio. Now to be honest I had tried a screwdriver and may have messed up the catches. Above the radio there are two screws that have to be carefully extracted by breaking the plastic around them. Then the whole thing pulls out and you can disable the radio catches from the side and remove the radio. If the plastic is broken carefully it will snap back together and hold everything in place. You can add a thick glue if it is needed. I awoke to find my house empty. I was a bit ashamed that I hadn't helped take the girls to school, but my sleep schedule is difficult to regulate, sometimes. I answered a message left by my boss, who needed something at work. I started the coffee, got dressed, and walked to work. p. When it is Go Time, you must have your decision made, already. In this story at CNN, Mr. Benke mentions being conscious of how long it took the guy to rack a round in after each shot.

Yeah, yeah, others helped, and that's good.

Get your lawn in shape with a biker lawn-spinner, a unique way to make people smile.

They operate efficiently for extended periods of time with no regular maintenance. These pumps should be used in clean water to avoid any interference with pump operation. Hello! This has to be a super quickie. m. Then of course I am Ms. Antsy herself and why would I wait til the morning, at a decent hour to post. No. The bill would criminalise the act of circumventing, or making available to the public the ability to circumvent, digital rights management software locks. In short, the bill is basically designed to strengthen property rights over intellectual property. Contrary to what many may think, the economic argument for these laws is not as strong as one might imagine. For those interested in understanding why, please refer to this fine blog by Michele Boldrin and David Levine: Against Monopoly. “I hate vacations. If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach?” Philip JohnsonThat notwithstanding Zorro is off for a week, or maybe two, and will not be blogging. He has been warned. I need a nap every afternoon to make me a reasonable human being. So this post by my fellow afternoon napper caught my eye. She writes about C. J. Mahaney's talk on sleep. It's fantastic to see a modern preacher dealing with the topic of sleep!Christians in past centuries gave clear teaching on sleep. Solomon said that one of the things about life that really bugged him was that sometimes good men suffered the things that should have happened to bad men and bad men seemed to receive the blessings that should have gone only to the good. We might as well enjoy what God has given us and eat, drink, and be merry. Because, for all our efforts, to study and know the whys and the wherefores of life, the intricacies of God’s creation and the reasons for the way things are, we will never understand. Now, remember that Solomon was a man of science, who held study in high regard. Thats whats new! Looking for BBC pistons for Felony Maker's potent rat motor. In honor of this momentous occasion, and also as a nod to the new Clash of the Titans movie that just came out, here is a preview of one of my favorite pages from Athena, a wordless section depicting Perseus and Medusa. Enjoy!. My Handy Man: sung by Alberta Hunter, Memphis-born musician.

Christmas Voices by the St.

We enjoy listening to this. It's not currently in print, and the Amazon page doesn't even have used copies available, but the choir has other Christmas CDs available at their site. This is one of the songs included on this particular CD:. Eph. In this Gospel, the ruler goes from no faith, to an imperfect but wonderful faith, to a great faith. We must think that at the beginning, the man had no faith. Our Lord seems to refuse his request that He heal his son. He says, “Unless you see signs, you will not believe. ” What he did have was an actual grace, a prompting to seek our Lord. My research focuses on the maligning and misrepresentation of high-status women in late medieval and Tudor England, examining the gendered dimension and motivations for attacking prominent women. However, it was not only women who were defamed and maligned, but men too. He is frequently depicted as a rapist, homosexual, heretic, womaniser, abuser or coward - and, often, all of these are mixed together. Over the years I have periodically thought about loyalty. I am thinking about it again. In my earlier thinking, I came to the conclusion that the word was a bad word and the practice was a bad practice. Loyalty causes things like millions of people giving strong adherence to, and following of people, like Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, and causing the premature death of hundreds of millions of people. And the people who were loyal thought it was a good thing. Loyalty causes people to say, “I was born a Methodist, I will die a Methodist”, even though the Holy Spirit may have left the Methodist church a hundred years ago. Loyalty causes people to say, “South High School in Omaha is the best high school because I go to South High. Loyalty is taught in nations, churches, and schools. In military units, it is called “Espirit de corps. Many years ago I was speaking at a men’s conference from an evangelical church. The first number was answering the question, “How many years have you been a Christian?”The second number was answering the question, “How many times have you read the Old Testament in its entirety?The third number answered the question, “How many times have you read the New Testament?”After collecting the cards I added up all of the years and all of the times and then divided the total times into the total years. The first time I read the Bible through I had been a Christian about three years. I suppose everything has a quality to it.

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These differences may be, for example, in sweetness or hardness. The quantity, in most cases does not change the quality. I still have hard rocks. Here is my point. ” The apostles returned with joy because demons were subjected to them in Jesus’ name. Jesus gave them a mild rebuke. They had their reasons for joy out of order. According to Jesus their reason was no reason at all. Heaven is the reason for joy. It is the place of joy. Jesus anticipated this joy for Himself and provided it for us. For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified…My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power. Both of these texts have to do with the salvation of men. God, in His wisdom, decided that proclaiming and praying was our partnership in the Gospel. It is easy to get side-tracked to things like constitutional amendments on abortion, a balanced budget and a Christian government. Let’s get our focus back on the real solution: the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us change the nation by proclaiming and praying. I love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,,,you know, the old one with Gene Wilder. The new one is too weird. The music is terrible and the Oompa Loompas are just plain disturbing. I was watching it again with my son the other day and I remembered how much I love the scene below. The students' teacher, Mr Turkentine, is introducing a lesson on percentages. At last it was time to get on the move again.

We'll be back to sample the delights of Skipton next week with the children in tow – castle and steam train and other things – but in the meantime we have business down the cut.

Converted warehouses below a moorland backdrop is par for the course, and some of them seemed to have been done very nicely. The canal follows the contour along this stretch, meandering along the edges of fields or through shady avenues, so instead of locks there are numerous swing bridges. The husband joined his wife at the console, and after a while my best beloved also went across to help them. I'm sure a proper electrician could have installed it in one fifth of the time. But I managed it in the end. The solar system is up and running! We fed the cables from the solar panel through one of the mushroom vents. It doesn't flex willingly but, what with me pushing from above and my best beloved pulling from below, through it came. I ran it in a groove in the ceiling T&G, but my first attempt at holding it in place with a strip of hardwood profile didn't work out, as the cables sit very slightly proud of the groove. .