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When J & I got married we had a couple of lovely wedding showers thrown for us. Two were thrown by my friends and the other was thrown by friends of my mother - hence the name "adult shower. " Hehe. Three wonderful ladies from my parent's Sunday School class offered to throw BRAM and I a baby shower. It was AMAZING and despite the rainy weather, we had a fantastic turnout. So many ladies were there which is a true testament to how loved Woman is. Hosted by Jim Fricke, H-D Museum Curatorial Director, the program will feature Bill’s experiences and photographs of the motorcycles, people and places of this amazing journey. For more information, see h-d. Yesterday the Church celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and the mystery of the way in which a Mary's motherly love for her Son and her participation in His suffering on the Cross was so real that it fulfilled the prophecy that a sword would pierce her heart. "See all you who pass by the way if there is any suffering like my suffering. " No one suffered more than Jesus Christ who did so purely out of love for us on the Cross. But anyone who has lost a child can surely give some insight to all of us on how such a tragedy is like the piercing of the heart of a parent's love. And this is the reason why he uses the word "cross" in the context of self-denial: in His love for us God denies Himself, turns against Himself on the Cross by dying do that we might live. By preaching and Baptism she brings forth sons, who are conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of God, to a new and immortal life. MCITL rejoices to announce the establishment of the Humanæ Vitæ Awards, recognizing web publications that practice total and faithful adherence to the full truth about the sacredness of every human life from the moment of conception until natural death, in all its stages and conditions, in particular as enshrined in the teaching of His Holiness Pope Paul VI in the Encyclical Humanæ Vitæ. I will keep the balance today. It's a challenge, everyday. How are you doing with Balance?I thought I would send out some old post cards from my collection. Hugging game ????Have a good Monday!PS. The report is full of other interesting stuff. There are multiple interviews dealing with corruption at the parish level by a magistrate named Merceron, a local boss in the habit of illegally altering property taxes to reward his friends and punish his enemies and refusing to license public houses unless they agreed to buy their liquor from his preferred supplier. We get to see the accusation by the local rector, questioning of various people who did or did not get their public houses licensed, and Merceron's testimony in his defense. More relevant to my current project are the views of law enforcement institutions expressed by those testifying. The system in London included both unpaid constables—the norm elsewhere—and a small number of constables employed, under the direction of magistrates, at a low salary. There were substantial parliamentary rewards on conviction for serious felonies, shared among the private prosecutor, the witnesses, and any constables or private thieftakers who played a role in apprehending and convicting the defendant. There were also rewards offered by crime victims for recovering their property and/or catching and convicting the criminal responsible.

The interesting question, going beyond the next few elections, is what effect if any this will have on their political views.

One thing that struck us when we were visiting colleges our kids were considering and that then struck our kids as college students was the uniformity of left wing views at elite colleges. By our daughter's account, the difference between Oberlin, where she started, and Chicago, which she transferred to, was that while at both schools most students took left wing views for granted, at Chicago they were at least curious as to why someone might disagree. At Oberlin the default assumption was that if you didn't agree you were either stupid or evil. I expect that students at both schools, indeed at all the schools we looked at, voted and worked for Obama in both his elections. If many now think that was a mistake—according to one poll, nearly half of young voters said they would recall Obama if they could—how will that affect their political views? One possibility is that it won't. They will conclude that the policies they supported were good ones, they got fooled this time by a clever politician who pretended to support those policies and will try in the future to find and support politicians who really do support them.

I recently, courtesy of Google, came across a piece by Brad DeLong critical of my views.

I wrote a response and posted it to his blog, then waited for it to appear. Today I discovered what I should have realized earlier—that his post was made nine years ago. The existence of societies without state law enforcement that work badly—I do not know enough about the Scottish Highlands to judge how accurate your account is—is no more evidence against anarchy than the existence of societies with state law enforcement that work badly is against the alternative to anarchy. To make your case, you have to show that societies without state law enforcement have consistently worked worse than otherwise similar societies with it. Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, Stuart Duncan play bluegrass. The quartet, plus singer Aoife O'Donovan, are extraordinary. I bought the album after watching this.

Meyer and Ma are unquestionably the best in the world at cello and bass, respectively, and like to branch out from their classical stuff on projects like this.

Thile plays the mandolin like a rock star. Literally. Lost in it all is Duncan, who switches effortlessly between banjo and fiddle. I may have linked to it before. I don't care. No, Austin, it is NOT illegal, as a matter of state law, to carry pepper spray here in Texas. But if you wield these items against another person without a solid self-defense purpose, you may be charged with Assault, Assualt Causing Bodily Injury, Aggravated Assault, or, in the instance of the victim's death, Manslaughter or Murder. If you simply spray pepper spray in a public area, you may be charged with Disorderly Conduct. Be aware, however, that local ordinances and regulations may differ from the law, and you have to use the stricter standard. Labels: answer, Blogger, public service message, Questions, self defense. Good morning! I am really running behind today. Here is a card I made using the Happy Birthday image by Kanji. For me this was a tough one.

"We have never hidden that we are huge fans of New York Ranger's Director of Player Personnel Gordie Clark.

From that we came up with what we call "The Staal Standard" which when stripped down measures not the number of points you score but rather how many game changing plays you made. We want to see you put your team on your shoulders and carry them. The two prospects who earned our stars for Saturday night left no question about their taking charge of their own play. Michael's Majors were taking on the Guelph Storm in what was expected to be another Major win. An interesting piece today in Spiegel: The Euro Crisis. Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!. Have you ever wondered what to make of the story of Mary and Martha? You can skip the next paragraph if you already know it. Jesus is at Martha's house. Her sister Mary sits at Jesus' feet, listening to what he has to say. Martha is getting hot and bothered in the kitchen. She marches up to Jesus and says, "Lord, don't you care that I'm doing all the work, while Mary just sits there?" Jesus says, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing matters. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her. sitting still isn't really the issue. The inevitability of holiness - "It is never a question of if, it is always a question of when. " When change feels all too slow. What is the difference between affections and emotions? - Very Puritan, very helpful. Slowing down and I'm too busy - Two very different, very helpful posts about busyness. Book review: Treasuring the gospel in your home - Gloria Furman is excellent, and this book promises more of the same.

God has given me a child who requires more than I was trained to handle so that I would depend on him and not my own strength.

Christina Fox Let me put this very clearly: if, however unwittingly and unintentionally, I ever give my little girl the impression that her worth is found in her looks, beauty, and hotness, tie a millstone around my neck.

This is the second post in my series on memorizing Bible passages.

They say that memory is dead. Socrates sounded its death knell back in the days when books began to replace oral culture - for who needs to remember what's been written down? Now we've gone one better with the outsourcing of memory to electronic devices. I'm sure there's some truth in that, but I won't accept it. Considering this from the point of view of the church, let’s consider a couple of things. We are in the night of man’s existence. He is blind and stumbling about trying to find his way.

Judas left to betray Christ and something important began for mankind.

That reference to night was more than just an expression of the time of day. Liam Neeson is the main name on the team.

Quinton Jackson, who plays the Mr.

T role, is a native Memphian. Jessica Biel is the token female and love interest. We got a kick out this movie. Lots of action. I made this for a co-worker who was having a really tough week. She loved it and so did I- it was so hard to give this beauty away! These scallop envelope boxes are super easy to make and have a really nice WOW factor. All supplies are Stampin' Up!Recipe: Stamps: Pocket silhouettesPaper: Tangerine tango, haikuInk: kiwi kiss, tangerine tangoAccessories: Scallop envelope die, so saffron ribbon, breads, cello bag. The "Gravely" design allowed one or more of the studs to bend under the forces developed by the attachment, such as a snow blower, that would rest against the tilt limit bushing on the stud. This took away from the "quick hitch" concept because you had to unbolt the plate before you could remove the attachment again. Our mission was to design a plate to bridge across two or more of the studs behind the attachment, thus reinforcing the studs enough to curtail the bending problem and keeping the "quick hitch concept. We believe we have met the challenge with this superb offering. It is sin to covet your neighbor’s stuff. It is also sin to covet your own stuff. “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ‘Good teacher,’ he asked, ‘what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ ‘Why do you call me good?’ Jesus answered. ‘No one is good—except God alone. ”’ ‘Teacher,’ he declared, ‘all these I have kept since I was a boy. ’ Jesus looked at him and loved him. ‘One thing you lack,’ he said. Animism is not the same as idolatry. It is the direct worship or placating of demons. It is found from Finland to New Guinea. It is in Africa, Latin America, the Pacific Islands, Australia, and Siberia. Animism is found in thousands of languages which cannot speak to each other. There were no missionaries to propagate it. It is everywhere.

I can imagine all of the saints in this world, all of the assemblies, all of the congregations with no seekers and no hypocrites in them.

Boy! That is a great imagination.

I can further imagine that they are all in agreement in everything biblical, salvation, holiness, end times, form of worship, theology, singing, preaching, and church government. That is wild!Here is the easy part of this imagination. No one or very few would like this unity. Why not, it is wonderful? Because no one is more right or most right about one or more of the above mentioned. Look at the present denominations. I do not wish to talk about money. Inflation occurs in other things. It occurs in the definition of words. An example is the use of the word “like. ” It may occur several times in a short-spoken paragraph. Wow. So far, it appears I haven't lost that much. I'm pleasantly shocked. I grow mentally fatigued of running far before I feel physical fatigue, and even the slightest uphill incline is a real challenge. I see hills and strides in my future. But, I do know that neuromuscular fitness is the quickest to be recovered, so this isn't much of a concern at all. .