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In my hypothetical, unlike a video game, you don't get to try different tactics and see what happens.

But you do get to see repeated replays of what you did the first time and the results. Another possibility is entertainment. You can rerun, over and over again, your happiest, most exciting moments. I'm not sure if that's really the corporate view of the matter, but having been told so by two levels of their tech support I think I am entitled to try it. So I did. The first step is to get root access, taking advantage of a bug in the original version of the OS. Have you noticed lately that you can but two bottles of medicine and then pour the second bottle into the first with room to spare? I see it all the time, a big deal, two jars for the price of one. They are both less than half full! Why not sell just one FULL jar for the price of one, and save on the environment?. Good morning! Happy New Year to you!! This is my first post since taking a little holiday break. A MUCH NEEDED holiday break. Hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Years. Did you do or get anything exciting? I got some tickets to see Luke Bryan and a bunch of other things. Super quick post. I am quite sure she has recieved it by now! This is a scheduled post.

I went to pick some up there other day and had so much trouble making up my mind.

Another slow day. Check out the story here.

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Chinese Proverb. In a recent post, The joy of service, I wrote about the need to serve practically when all you want to do is teach. Because, yes, I have friends who lead Bible studies even though it terrifies them. And, yes, it works both ways. I’m no up-the-front servant. If I’m honest, I also love the safety of this kind of ministry. There: I’ve said it. The shaking in your limbs when you explain the gospel to a friend, and you don't know how it's possible, but it seems she's beginning to understand. The realisation, weeks later, that this is going to take time. The times you drag your feet to yet another meeting when you want to go home, curl up in a ball, and go to sleep. In this book the intrepid Harold, dressed in a sleepsuit and armed only with a purple crayon, draws his own imaginary world across the blank white pages of the book in dark purple lines. He draws an apple tree and a scary dragon to guard it, and some pie and a friendly moose and porcupine to share it.

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