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I'm new to C# and im having trouble finding its API. I was hoping that i can find an API that is somewhat similar to Java's. ThanksC# API documentation?MSDN is the equivelant to these resources. msdn. microsoft. A Phoenix resident recently wrote an open letter to her fellow citizens and Mayor Phil Gordon saying: “Dear Friends, enough is enough! Phoenix is like every city across this nation - we are facing a crisis and we need leaders to work together to find solutions. This is no time to blame the city for our financial crisis. ” The passion of the letter sparked an idea that inspired four small businesses to collaborate on a statewide promotional cross-marketing program that aims to help Arizona merchants by increasing consumer traffic into their shops. Valerie Thompson Racing, Sucker Punch Sally’s, Biker Babes and Beyond and Bikers Defense announce today “The BAD Economy Buster Bling Bike Hunt™.

” It is open to all merchants in Arizona as well as “wannabe” custom bike owners - in time for the holiday buying season and for three months thereafter.

“Our mission is to have world class shows, year after year and to give builders and customizers a forum to show their best work. ”The Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series will see it’s first event, the Custom Chrome Europe Faaker-See Championship, being held on Lake Faaker-See, Austria at the Arneitz Custom Show festival area, during European Bike Week, Sept. Custom Chrome has a long running tradition at Faak, having sponsored the Arneitz Custom Show with participation and promotion since it’s very beginning. ". for I, the LORD, your God, am holy. In spite of the holy Law that again and again their Holy God gives them - "You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy" - and although the Lord shows patience for the sake of his name, the people turn away from the Holy One of Israel and profane his name among the nations. For this reason the just ones of the old covenant, the poor survivors returned from exile, and the prophets burned with passion for the name. The Church, however, clasping sinners to her bosom, at once holy and always in need of purification, follows constantly the path of penance and renewal. " All members of the Church, including her ministers, must acknowledge that they are sinners. Merry Christmas! I must begin my remarks by sharing a confession with all of you: our church does not look this beautiful every Sunday! I do not speak of the decorations which beautifully announce our joy on this occasion when we celebrate the birth of the Child Jesus at Bethlehem. I am speaking about all of you, the people of God who fill and make beautiful the Lord's house which exists for your sakes, for the purpose of providing for your own meeting with Jesus at Christmas and every Sunday. You are God's people through the grace of Baptism and your presence here which glorifies God beautifully praises His goodness and love and is a true Christmas gift to me, your priest, for which I thank and praise Him. In our Mass this evening we also keep the Lord's Day holy together because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. This Baby will, as must all of us whose birth into this world he shares, one day also die. But His death will not be as beautiful as is His birth this night. But, as our Lady knows, every child is a sign of God's will that life should go on. The evil of the culture of death persists in the anti-life mentality which questions the right to life of every child and the duty of husband and wife to generously accept the gift of "children lovingly from God. The culture of death thrives upon the widely held error that the evil in the world and the suffering it brings make life itself intolerable. But life is created by God and therefore always good, no matter how bruised by suffering or eclipsed by pain. Christ's Passion and death have given salvific meaning and spiritual wealth to our suffering.

In an environment which does not lovingly and generously accept every human life as sacred the disease and sickness of the culture of death thrives and grows.

The Eucharist, the Body and Blood of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, stands as the greatest sign of contradiction against the lies peddled today which spread the culture of death. The basic problem, in my view, is not the deficit, troubling although it might be, but the amount of resources consumed and misallocated by government. The obvious big one is the deduction for home mortgage interest, which subsidize home ownership relative to renting and thus played some role in creating the recent financial crisis—although I suspect that is politically untouchable. "We just don't think that's right," he said. Whenever the price of something changes in a way some people don't like—up or down—someone blames it on speculators. Recent rises in the price of oil are no exception. They raise prices by buying goods and storing them, thus reducing the total amount available to be sold. They lower them by selling goods from their inventory. At any given time, much of that is already in use. It is hard to see how that could have much effect on price for more than a short time. Suppose someone invents an inexpensive and reliable way in which parents can choose the gender of their offspring. From the economic standpoint, this represents an increase in quality—you get a child of your preferred gender instead of a fifty-fifty chance—at no significant increase in cost. Lowering the cost of something increases the quantity demanded. I went Monday evening to see Matthew West and then Casting Crowns. The only parking spots available were on the lawn. Someone announced that they had sold out for the first time at Kingdom Bound! Sorry I did not take any pictures on Monday. Both Matt and Casting Crowns were really great! Wednesday I went back again to see Natalie Grant and then Newsboys.

Flag is made from polyester and printed in bright colors to make an attractive flag.

Each flag is individually sewn around the edges. There is no reason why some of these people should not find suitable employment in the NHS itself. Then he would have had to cultivate the demeanour of a bad tempered, pre menstrual midwife on anabolic steroids and dexamphetamine. It was also the first time that the Sundown Ambassadors were presented to the media as well as runners, and the run offered a good opportunity for pacers and pacees to run along and get to know one another better, as well as receive tips on how to prepare for the eventual night race. A tale of two teenagers - How long-term sickness helps us - and our children - grow. Nicole. " Dave Kraft. Last week I posted Deb's confessions on how I want ministry to be - that is, convenient - something I'm sure you can all relate to. Here are some further reflections from Deb, about when convenient ministry is good ministry. I stand by the thought that I have very sinful attitudes towards ministry at times. However, on the flip side, there are some not-sinful reasons for looking for convenient ministries too. It's Sunday morning, early, and a heavy roll of greyish paper encased in sticky pink plastic thuds onto our driveway. Removing the plastic wrap takes patience, dexterity, strength, sharp objects, and a willingness to risk deep lacerations to the hands and fingers. The newspaper emerges, bent into tight curves which make it nearly unreadable. A little unfolding, a little bending back into shape, and there it is: the Sunday edition of The Age. My husband heads straight for the sports section. I burrow deeper into the pile of papers. "Why do they print so many sections? Who wants to read all this stuff anyway? Where's my magazine? I think they've LEFT OUT MY MAGAZINE! Oh, here it is. "Who needs the news when you've got Sunday Life? Yes, I know I'm impossibly girly, but I turn straight to Mia Freedman's column, with an occasional brief detour to glance at the headlines, and feel myself slipping into sweet Sunday relaxation as I read her first words. He's finally grown into the poem he loves:When I was One,I had just begun. When I was Two,I was nearly new. When I was Three,I was hardly Me. When I was Four,I was not much more. When I was Five,I was just alive. But now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever. This post appeared at Sola Panel today. I thought I'd reproduce it in full here, with pictures. I hope you enjoy it!I'm sitting outside a cafe at a wobbly iron table, my pen moving lazily and messily across my notebook as I dream and write, dream and write. I sip from my mug-sized chai latte. A European wasp hovers hungrily above the frothed milk. I look up and see a slim young Asian woman, neatly dressed in white shirt and charcoal bootlegs, smooth, dark hair in a ponytail, discreet silver rings in her ears. But, these are things that incur God’s wrath so, apparently, our sexual attitudes and conduct are important to our Creator. Paul warns about being deceived by those who would dismiss these concerns as being irrelevant. Well, what are you waiting for? Go get it!. Today, I'll be covering the sixth book in the series, Aphrodite: Goddess of Love. Almost there! My first proposed title for Aphrodite's book was Aphrodite: The Power of Love, until me editor Neal Porter wisely pointed out that it put him in the mind of that old Huey Lewis and the News song, of course ruining that title for all time for me. Thank goodness he did, but for those of you keeping score at home, that's four title my publisher, and two titles me. Here's my original sketch for the cover to Aphrodite: Goddess of Love. Note how much older Eros is here than how he appears in the final book. I had to jettison that idea as it simply didn't fit, either space-wise or thematically. Maybe someday. I didn't do any formal reading challenges last year, but this year I'm going to plan some of my reading around specific goals. I have four particular challenges in mind:I'll read twelve from my TBR shelves. I'll read six books from the NPR best books list. I'll read six books from the more recent Pulitzer prize-winners for fiction. I'll continue to keep reading my favorite authors, books from series I like, and random books that leap off the bookstore shelves begging me to take them home. With dancin' girls. It's really not bad, considering, and there's something to be said for a vampire movie that's a bit different. TCM has an overview. We spent almost all of this past week at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas, and I wish I had a better camera and was a better photographer because that shot above is the first picture I took. There are cabins and a campground, but we stayed in one of the lodge rooms: The room was very small, but we weren't planning on spending much time there -did I mention the views? These are pictures taken on the drive up to the lodge: and this is what you see as you go towards the rooms from the parking lot: We ate several meals in the lodge restaurant, and this was the view from the tables: There are people on that rock outcropping in the picture directly above. We never did figure out how they got there, but we had fun watching them and trying to get a photo that would show them. They keep the hummingbirds well fed: The park has an interesting history. Mather Lodge is named for the first director of the National Park Service, who was the director at the time of the land's acceptance as a state park. The Devil is Whipping His Wife: by Yancy & Yancylyrics from youtube:Aint no simple thing This life she leads Who wants to take the time To watch a woman. bleed. Oh she chose this path And she'd choose it again To be touched by this angel of Light and Pain Yeah he shines like the sun But it takes its toll His reign of anger tears at her soul. Like a drug he is sweet But it bites down hard She's trying her best To hide the scars. CHORUS: And the devil is whipping his wife, While the rain pours in And the sun is shining bright While he starts to grin The devil is whipping his wife and she gives in. He's the best he can be he's better than some Just what his daddy did. I Can Take You to Heaven: by Otis Clay and Hi Rhythm. The author writes what I myself have felt but have never put into words. It's not the specifics of the plot or the details of the characters, but I look at the words on the page and parts of my life look back. It's disconcerting. I find this a powerful book, and I'm sure I'll be re-reading it.

from the back of the book:Forty-four-year-old Reta Winters, wife, mother, writer, and translator is living a happy life until one of her three daughters drops out of university to sit on a downtown street corner silent and cross-legged with a begging bowl in her lap and a placard round her neck that says "Goodness.

I bought this cup on a vacation years ago, because as soon as we saw it we started laughing at the memory of The Llama Song:We are easily amused. During election seasons, I would call it my Obama Llama cup after this song:The percolator is the one I remember from when I was little. When I would wake up smelling coffee as a child, this is what was being used. She had a drip coffeemaker we used when we went over there for family gatherings. The percolator still works just fine, which is sweet. It was hard to lose her so young. Her official homepage has information about her life and work. Here's her American National Biography page. Salon's obituary calls her "this exotic, erratic, original talent. Hello folks. I am sorry for the lack of post, I have been away at the Shadow Lane party with the Northern Spanking crew. I got back earlier this week horrifically tired and jet-lagged, and now have a cold. I will post something on Vegas when I am better, I promise. Including a pic of me posing by the pool! If you are waiting for e-mail from me about sessions I have answered them today and will be back in action next week. I am sorry again for the delay folks. xxx . Yup, in the pool.

Stupid right heel.

It's fairly important to know exactly what it is, since the proper treatment differs for each condition, and treating it as one could set me back if it's something else. plantar fasciitis - stretching, eccentric calf dips, Graston/dry needling, roll foot out with golf ball, maybe NSAIDS, plus gentle running. bursitis - max out the NSAIDS, minimize the weight bearing activity, touch heel as little as possible. stress reaction - bone stim, absolutely no NSAIDS, minimize weight bearing activity, touch heel as little as possible, maybe boot. Advantage:Designed to attract all metal fillings to keep your engine oil free of metal debris which prolongs your engine from wear and tear. Highly durable and light weight. Made of high quality aluminum and is therefore rust free. .