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Activity is part of the life of everyone. All of us have our work to do. Although God told Adam that he would earn his bread "by the sweat of his brow", and Eve that she and all her daughters would give birth "in pain", the Lord also told us that he is "working, and that the Father is working even now". The prayer of this hour fills the end-times and carries them toward their consummation. Jesus, the Son to whom the Father has given all things, has given himself wholly back to the Father, yet expresses himself with a sovereign freedom by virtue of the power the Father has given him over all flesh. The Son, who made himself Servant, is Lord, the Pantocrator. Our high priest who prays for us is also the one who prays in us and the God who hears our prayer. In the Gospel Martha is working very hard and for a very important guest: the Lord Himself. William Niskanen, in a book published many years ago, proposed a simple model of government bureaucracy. The more money a bureaucrat controls, the more important he is, so bureaucrats want to maximize their budgets. The bureaucracy knows, and the legislature does not know, what a government bureau can do at what cost. The legislature knows how much any level of output from a bureau is worth to it. It does so by finding the largest level of output that it can produce at a cost just barely below the value of that level of output to the legislature and then exaggerating the cost of any lower level of output by enough to make it higher than its value. When I first read the argument it struck me that it contained a fundamental mistake. It is in the early stages of a fire that there is most danger to the occupants of buildings from smoke and noxious fumes. The Building Regulations set standards for means of escape, limitation of spread of fire and containment of fire. Fire safety regulations are concerned to assure a reasonablestandard of safety in case of fire. The application of the regulations, as set out in the practical guidance given in Approved Document B, is directed to the safe escape of people from buildings in case of fire rather than the protection of the building and its contents.

The requirements for means of escape from one and two storey houses are that each habitable room either opens directly on to a hallway or stair leading to the entrance, or that it has a window or door through which escape could be made and that means are provided for giving early warning in the case of fire.

I thought I would give my opinion on gay marriage once again. I hear that we are no longer allowed to have our own opinion on the matter. First a brief history. Pat Robertson warned that there would be Hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires as a result. That was followed by fires so bad that the highways had to be shut down. Next New Orleans was espousing its 'Southern decadence days' with phrases like 'Be as decedent as you want'. Some even get paid for it. Some don't.

I have some amazingly talented friends who can photograph.

Some even get paid for it. Some don't. I have some amazingly talented friends who can sing. Look, it was cheap beer. In fact, my beer snob self is embarrassed to even document what beer it was that I moistened my sinuses with, and damned near spattered on my monitor, when I read Ms. Crystal's little blog entry. And speaking of cheap. Labels: beer, funny, heh, Other blogs. But I saw a few videos back then, which were the years of my teens. I remember enjoying most the ones that at no point showed the musician singing, or did so only in the far background. Oh, the "Money For Nothing" video with Dire Straits shown on one of the background televisions was okay, I suppose. Strangely, I recall the lead-in riff from that "Money For Nothing" song best as playing in the background while my best friend Scott and I threw clay birds for each other in the August, getting our shotgunning eye ready for dove season.

Or, the Parent's Music Resource Center, Censorship, and really pissed off Generation X punks sort of accidentally fucking up the world.

We're kinda vaguely a cause of ISIS. In the same sense that the KKK is the cause of the Gay Pride Movement. + I swear we wouldn't have done it if we'd had a time machine. Honest. Older readers will already feel their blood boiling. Many of the younger readers are probably going, uh, what? right now. That's cool. On nights like that every booze party ends in a fight.

Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks.

Anything can happen. Moody's Economy. Oh Joy. Is it too much to hope he will remove that worthless suit full of bugger all Hunt.

But then, do they have anyone who would be any better?.

Conspiracy theories were once the bizarre lunatic ramblings of a very few isolated loons. I'm not going to go into a list of conspiracy theories here but you will all be familiar with what I'm talking about. Recently I came across a new one. I was at a party and heard someone holding forth some of the well established nonsense about "Big Pharma" There was the usual stuff. As proof that cancer cures are known but suppressed he said "Have you ever noticed that rich people don't get cancer. " Fortunately the young lady he was boring came back with the perfect response. "Really, what about Steve Jobs". It is not my idea of fun and I will be volunteering to work that day in the hope of steering clear of a TV set. The daily mash as usual has a refreshingly different slant , reproduced belowRoyal engagement newspaper bullshit round-up:Each and every one us will be deeply affected by the looming royal marriage. They will help form our collective imagination. They are now part of what we are as a nation, how we define ourselves as individuals. Oh dear! I think this is perhaps the best response. Awesome. On daughters and dating - For dads: how to intimidate potential suitors. Why my family doesn't do sleepovers - This is not the only helpful approach, but it's worth considering. He is better. There’s no way a finite, nurturing heart can hold all these things, but Jesus can, Jesus does, Jesus will. - Gloria FurmanI like to think that the amount of water my children waste when they shower is partly made up for by their failure to flush the toilet and remember to brush their teeth. Here I am, sitting down to write, and how strange it feels! The kids are back at school, but the year hasn't yet settled into shape. We've had a bustling summer. Dusty trips to the zoo and damp trips home from the pool. School books and shoes and pencils and calculators bought and - mostly - labelled. The school holidays have left me feeling like I do at the end of a jog: sweaty and hot and tired, but also, somehow, satisfied and rested. I did have one chance to draw breath. For two precious days, I went away with close friends and we did what women do: took our lives apart, examined them, and put them back together. It seemed to me that my life is like a tree with too many branches. Trying to think up additions to the list is surprisingly absorbing. You have a go. I failed writing school. Last Saturday I went to The Faithful Writer conference. Mark Treddinick, whose book The Little Red Writing Book is the reason I flew to Sydney, spoke on "Writing: A practice of faith and doubt", and winsomely reminded me to replace every cliche with my own words. My bloggy friend Nicole's dad, Trevor Cairney, led a seminar on "Writing for children", which made me want to write all the children's books waiting in my mental wings. Do you think this blogger, used to writing short posts every day, could perform this simple task?Unfamiliar surroundings. Unfilled pages. Was WWI avoidable? Explain your decision and support it with ideas and thoughts from your class notes. A disappointment to be sure, but one slightly mitigated by Zeus: King of the Gods making Yalsa's Great Graphic Novels for Teens list this morning. It's written and directed by Enzo Barboni and stars Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer. Spaghetti-Western. Even today it’s still fifth on the list of biggest Italian box-office hits in history. Fistful of Pasta closes with this:Trinity is still my Name has less story and less venom than the first Trinity movie, but is probably even more fun to watch. It's true family entertainment. The Spinning Image says, "in the main this is easy, undemanding viewing, and the fans would have it no other way. ". It goes wrong in places, to be sure, but The Bat holds up astonishingly well across the ages. Weird Wild Realm says, "For years this silent film was presumed forever lost, until a single copy in excellent condition resurfaced" and addsIts influence on the Old Dark House motif in cinema cannot be overstated, whether for good or bad. Two Wyoming Catholic College students recently decided to pursue or renew “total consecration to Jesus through Mary” according to the method of St. Louis Marie de Montfort. Faculty members came on board. The president of the College expressed interest. Before long, families even outside of Wyoming Catholic College were joining the movement. The Dems sell themselves as defenders for the poor. It didn’t trust the armed forces so it helped create paramilitary groups to break up the protests and then battle the rebels. As the war intensified Iran brought in militias from Iraq, took over military strategy, and sent in not only its own advisers and fighters, but also those from Lebanon’s Hezbollah. In both Syria and Iraq the Iranians came to rely upon irregular forces because they did not trust the army and police. That was proven true when many soldiers would later desert and join the rebels. I have been posting here on Roots by the River for eleven years now. Most of the posts have been for believers, but some are on the gospel for unbelievers. I No. He shall dwell in the parched places of the wilderness in an uninhabited salt land. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. He had killed his wife and the baby she was pregnant with. The baby was considered a human being who had been murdered.

However, if a woman wishes to abort her baby, the baby is not considered a human being, and killing the baby is not considered murder.

Apparently in this country we can have it both ways. We cannot have it both ways with God. malum in se: This refers to behaviors which are evil in themselves. Even though many of them have been written to make the subject a hero, they do not succeed without withholding information or changing it. After several generations have gone by, new biographies are written and we find out their heroes were human and as humans, they sinned.

Again, the sins are written as fact.

If the man had received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, that would be left out. There are other biographies where sin is mentioned and the solution is in the man’s life. He received Jesus Christ sometime in his life and then spent the rest of his life living and proclaiming Jesus. “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The above verses are emotions of the heart. If you are not familiar with the books of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers, you may miss some great teaching on the Christian life.

If you miss the teaching, you will miss the application.

One of the greatest unapplied truths of the Christian life is restitution. This lack of application may be due to ignorance, fear, or pride, but whatever the case, it is a major hindrance to growth in grace and is a retardant to revival in the church. He must make restitution in full, add a fifth of the value to it and give it all to the owner on the day he presents his guilt offering. And as a penalty he must bring to the priest, that is, to the LORD, his guilt offering, a ram from the flock, one without defect and of the proper value. Not quite the time I wanted, but oh well. I had pretty high hopes for this race going in - I've been feeling really good about my fitness these last few weeks. So I rested up for this race, hydrated and ate up, and hoped the weather would cooperate. By Friday's tempo, I was feeling almost OK. Even so, I opted to keep the tempo slower anyway, as I plan to do for the next few weeks. I have a bad habit with getting into a cycle where I redline my workouts instead of running them within myself. When I do this, I see great improvement for a few weeks, and then I burn out, or get sick, or get injured. So, I'm breaking the cycle now, by giving myself a target time for the first mile of each tempo, and by deliberately keeping the effort below my anaerobic threshold, even if that means that some weeks I'm slower than others. Likewise with the longer progression run, where I'm trying to keep the pace to marathon pace or slower. .