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I'm reluctant to go into much detail, since financial institutions aren't something I have any expertise in. It gives me very little information about what he will do if elected. But it does mean that, since he is pretending to be one of us, we will get blamed for what he does, even if it has nothing to do with the views we support. With what the poet Paul Holman perceptively describes as "the genuine pulp writer's trance", Allen's cut-ups of newsprint did achieve moments of prophetic vision. The fireplay of a written-out consciousness at the end of its tether. His suedeheads of the early Seventies, boot boys travestied in mohair, progressed to the Stock Exchange. This time, it wasn't me who arrested this kid. This time, I kinda cheered up. when I heard he went to jail. Last time, it got to me a little. But I'm better, now. Labels: day at the office, dumb criminals, heh, police. Yesterday, the Deluge Of Aught Seven continued, and I worked a couple of wrecks, getting soaked in the process. The rain defeated my work cell phone, requiring me later to spend an hour at the phone shop. Other than a fireworks call at the end of my shift, I had only a barking dog call. We had lunch, and drove around, chatting. Since returning to patrol, I'd not had any riders with me, but I decided that it was time, and anyway, Dad is no ordinary ride-along. My LT had made it clear that Dad could and should ride out whenever he had the inclination. But they didn't, as they generally don't. The gains were partially offset by higher procurement costs for heparin and a seasonal decline in lab testing. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. Bloody hell, you'd think he'd switch hands once in a while wouldn't you. 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There are decorations we've made - decorations which were made for us - decorations we've bought - decorations from my childhood - decorations which were given to us.

A glorious conglomeration of unmatching things! And every one, as my son said this year, with a special memory attached. It's been a lovely and hectic time leading up to Christmas in our house, with most of the usual traditions. We put up our tree and nativity scene. We went to Carols by Candlelight, and the kids learned to play some carols on the piano. We read about how Jesus fulfils all of God's promises as we opened the doors in our Jesse advent calendar. I also started a new Christmas tradition just for me. It's been so encouraging that I'd like to follow Nicole's example and read something about the birth of Jesus in the weeks leading up to Christmas every year. We are all legalists. Left to ourselves, we try to make it to God on our terms. We try to earn our way to God through our own goodness. We expect God's blessing when we've been "good". We expect God to make things go badly when we've skipped our quiet times or been grumpy with our families.

We approach growing as Christians in the same way.

When we want to change, we resort to rules and regulations, lists and programs, vows and promises. The only boat was the one, “whereunto his disciples entered,” until other boats came from Tiberias. The people are determined to be where Jesus is. The crowds also passed over the sea in boats to pursue Him. When they found Him they asked when it was that He had passed over the sea. But, He didn’t answer their question directly, only questioning their motives. Jesus tells the crowds to work for food that doesn’t rot away, food that leads to eternal life, setting up later statements. Last month I took an overnight trip to Greenville, MS. I only had one day to see the sights. Now you might think that one day would be enough in a little town like Greenville, but you would be wrong. I couldn't fit it all in! This is their visitor center, shaped like a river boat: There's a museum on the second floor, and I was particularly struck by this exhibit on Mississippi Slim: One of the first things you'll want to know is why the water is brown. It undergoes regular testing and is perfectly safe. I drank it, but it seems to put some people off. This is what it looked like in my hotel sink: The color is caused by cypress roots in the underground water source. It can be removed, but I read that requires expensive additions to their water treatment plant. I've tried several times but failed to finish Dick's The Man in the High Castle. Mitchum sings the title track. Mitchum is looking for his son's killer. This is a traditional Western, nicely done. Carradine looks so young in this. via youtube: Reviews are hard to find. TCM has some information. You have heard of Clare Brown or Mistress Precious right? Well I finally was priviledged to meet her last friday at a spanking switch party. There was plenty of action to be had in an environment that was fun and friendly. Of course once us ladies had received our punishments with the hand, leather implements and the cane, we were able to get our revenge on the guys. Now I am not so experienced at the Domme side but I am getting far more practise now and genuinely enjoying it. In fact I was so enjoying dishing out the cane to a gent who enjoys it at full force that the cane broke. Yes, yes I did. “Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil. But Jesus said again, ‘Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. It is impossible for a man to change his character from bad to good. It is impossible for a covetous man to be saved by his own will.

What is impossible to man is possible with God.

If you aren't already a ribbon club member, why not join us today! You will get a fun new ribbon assortment shipped automatically each month. Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created this month! Here is our blog hop list. If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track. There are several types of spiritual ignorance that keep people in darkness. They are natural men. They do not have the Spirit of God. They are normal. The enemy of our souls has blinded them. “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. He chooses to remain ignorant of the will of God. This was my warm-up for today. The poster is from Fake Science and I love it because it reminds me of all those goofy facts about bottles being wrapped around the Earth fifty times. Yesterday we met a singlehanded boater and went through a lift bridge with him. He showed us the answer to last Monday's question. You leave your boat untied, take the centre rope with you, and draw the boat towards the bridge. Once it's open, you can either pull the boat through from the bank, or climb back on board, drive through and climb back onto the bridge from the other side, in order to lower it again. We were well impressed – though we had to imagine the last part of the operation as we were following through and closed the bridge ourselves.

Today we've done a long run as I want to keep my physio appointment in Bournemouth on Tuesday.

Some of it in the rain, some of it back through the depressing first couple of miles of the Caldon, some of it pleasant in the sun later on. m. , so we both had guinea fowl for Sunday lunch. Yummy! Then we set out to walk it off.

Having the OS map on the device is great, and it's interesting to work with the differences from using a paper version.