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If the accounts appearing in the news are correct, the reason the indictment took so long is that other officers covered up the facts of the case.

Under Illinois law, an accessory after the fact to a felony is liable to the same punishment as the felon. It will be interesting to see if any of them are ever charged. It contains, among many other things, a brief history of the eugenics movement. Judging by Ridley’s account, that is almost precisely backwards. Spencer was indeed concerned about human eugenics but, as a believer in laissez-faire, he did not propose using government to improve them. It was successfully opposed by Josiah Wedgewood, who Ridley describes as a radical libertarian. His central argument was not that it was bad science but that it was a striking violation of individual liberty. He made that argument sufficiently persuasive to force the government to withdraw the bill.

A buddy on leave from his job as an armourer for the Army came though town and wanted to go to the gun show on Saturday.

I explained that I had to work that evening, and had to be back in town. We found a parking space, and stood in line for about half an hour. They were taking our money and zip-tying guns as fast as they could, to get us in. The crowd inside made the ginormous Market Center Hall feel cramped and difficult to walk into. In all my lifetime of going to gun shows, I've never seen it like this. The Bird Girl was never mentioned in the book, but the director, Clint Eastwood put her on the spotlight in his movie. The original Savannah Bird Girl, the four foot high bronze statue on the cover of the book, has been moved from Bonaventure Cemetry to Telfair Museum on Barnard Street. Feature:.

OMG! I am so late with this.

This little baby gave me a HARD time. I kid you not. I pulled out piles of black, white and cream papers trying to get something that went with the image that I colored! LOL You know. From Bloomberg Businessweek: The Fed Turns Aggressively Dovish with 'Evans Rule'The headline above seems to capture the general sentiment surrounding the FOMC's recent policy announcement. The recent move is characterized by many as "dovish" in nature because. I am currently at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna, which hosts one of the best little macro conference in Europe: The Vienna Macro Cafe. Excellent papers, lively discussions, wonderful camaraderie, and an unbeatable location. Blah. Steve Williamson takes issue with some of the claims that Krugman makes here: The State of the World. And then Noah Smith steps in to attack one part of Williamson's post here: Money Is Just Little Green Bits of Paper! Noah gets it all wrong, but that doesn't stop both Krugman and DeLong in congratulating him for an argument that even they apparently do not understand. And so it goes. DZ has been sent a video by some Medical Students in the USA. I think it's just as appropriate over here. Enjoy. And thank you Laura. Jesus & Mo. For I know that the Lord is great, and that our Lord is above all gods. Whatever the Lord pleases, he does, in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all deeps. It’s not showing any signs of letting up, at least for now. It’s only bearable because God no longer seems like a stranger. Of all the effects of suffering, this is one of the most disquieting: the God I meet in suffering is different from the God I thought I knew. It’s as if you turn to a friend and catch an expression on their face that you never expected to see there. Steve went away to a conference a while ago. He's back now. Here's some photos of the kids saying goodbye. If my brain seems to have gone on holidays, and I am posting blogs of no significance whatsoever, it's because I'm in that dazed holiday state where nothing much seems to matter, and real life feels a long way off. May your own holidays be extra blessed, whenever they may be. My head is echoing with those moments, good and bad, so crucial to a beach holiday:The endless putting on of bathers, plastering on of sunburn cream, and packing of towels, hats, buckets, spades, and boogie boards as the kids and I prepare for yet another morning at the beach. Of course, I might add, that right after the relating of his eyewitness experience he states that the word of God is a more certain truth and to be trusted more than one’s experience, which should give many modern feel-good Christians pause. Now, here is a thorough book, down to minutes and transcripts of the final years of two of American History's greatest men. Its true you can argue that many of the things they did may have been wrong and unconstitutional but the fact is, they provided leadership, one publicly, and one as his closest assistant, at a time when nothing but leadership would do.

I am not a fan of FDR like Ronald Reagan was.

I firmly believe that he caused many of the things he was called on to alleviate. But, however you look at it, he was the "great man" on the scene who was needed and who gave his all for his country. He died, no less than any soldier or marine or sailor, for his country. But if you watch live, who knows, I might goof up something spectacularly. Don't you want to see that happen?. Today's sketch is Zeus getting all lightningey and stuff. I'm starting here, instead of my European sketchbooks, because this is when I first started to really "get" what Olympians was going to be all about. Starting off with a drawing of the king of the gods himself, Zeus. Small octoavo.

Bound in full, dark green, speckled calfskin.

Recently available in paperback. The publisher claims that The Book of Paramazda is a received book akin to Crowley's much celebrated Liber AL. The author remains anonymous, though it appears to be a contemporary text. The publisher also claims the book is a "enciphered magical system and an apocalyptic vision of the Aeons".

For now I'll have to take Hadean Press' word for it, as I've only just begun to peel away the layers of this mysterious book.

For starters, who is the mysterious figure, Paramazda, who claims to be "beyond the Light and the Dark"? Looking closer at the name might give us a clue. From the Greek 'Para' we get, beside, above, or beyond. 'Mazda' can be traced back to a proto-Iranian Zoroastrian deity representing the 'uncreated god'. When I came across this tiny plant I picked it up immediately and brought it home. It's not like I ever expect to harvest coffee beans from it, but somehow I get a kick out of just knowing there's a coffee plant out on the patio. Theses photos have been taken on my patio during the past week. I'm focusing on adding plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds and add a few plants each summer. I have a wild sunflower that is tall and lanky and which takes up to much space for my little patio. It has sentimental value, but I'm trying to find a sunflower that I like as much that's more suitable for my space. In this one, though, he wears a horrible wig and sings. He sings twice! He also strips down to almost nothing in this movie, which I can't remember seeing him do before. Stuart Whitman is also in it. The movie is styled as a spaghetti western, but is actually a Spanish/British production. The dead man's dying words are "April morning," but anyone who divulges the secret is quickly shot. That's my excuse. What's yours?Spaghetti-Western. It is about the last day of an upper class family's Darjeeling vacation during which they have tried to arrange an engagement for their daughter. I've liked all the films I've seen by this director, and I like this one. He is a treasure. a scene via youtube: I can't find much in the way of reviews. The Daughter and I went to a local book shop one night recently only to be amazed at the crowd. There was music playing, so we worked our way back to the back to see what was going on. Background music. The musicians would stop and start again, but no one seemed to notice. I was tempted to applaud loudly at the next pause, but I decided that perhaps the intrusion of a wildly applauding middle-aged woman in a denim jumper and straw hat wouldn't be appreciated by these cocktail-swilling, high-heeled yuppies. A guy who worked in the cafe told The Daughter that it was some kind of literacy benefit, but I'm missing the part where closing off a section of the bookstore aids literacy. I bought one book and The Daughter bought two, and a percentage of that will go to whatever the cause was. I think they should have music that people would actually listen to next time, but then I never understood the whole "elevator music" concept. I remember reading Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress years ago, and, although I liked it, I was not inspired to go right out and buy more of her work. I do already have a huge tbr pile, after all. Lately, though, I'd been interested in picking up a few new books, so I bought her Steal Across the Sky. I enjoyed this, as I did Beggars, while I was reading it, but neither is sticking with me. The first chapter of Steal Across the Sky can be read online at the author's site. She is an active blogger. There are photos of the memorial site here and here. Watch it online:Counsellor at LawThe New York Times has a positive review. Audio recording of Fr.

Fryar's sermon on "keep Holy the Sabbath Day" at St.

A good introduction to this topic would be to read that chapter through. In this video Jim talks about the principle of always acting, not reacting. Statues are not idols. However, having been made, no one to my knowledge has bowed down to them. There are millions and millions of people who make idols to bow down to them. God was not and is not tolerant of the people or the idols. With the idolatry, which is a great evil, there are many attendant immoralities. Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts. These people are lost. “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. He was also a good man. This is not surprising since the fruit of the Spirit is goodness. The text says that a great number of people were brought to the Lord. Barnabas was in a witnessing, evangelizing situation. I'd had to put new strings on my guitar earlier, an Elixir NanoWeb set I bought from Eric at Guitar and Son in Stafford. Actually it's just a special coating on the string. The guitar sounds re-juvenated. Still a pity about the voice. .